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Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)/Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD) in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten

Many patients do press and grind their teeth during the night. Possible symptoms are joint snapping, muscle pain or headaches.

After the initial anamnesis and diagnosis (clinical examination of the occlusal/dental, jaw trajectories and, if necessary, imaging techniques like photo analysis and digital X-rays with low radiation), we will develop a therapy plan.

The therapy usually consists of a night-time mouth guard especially designed and adjusted to your needs along with physiotherapy and some instructions for relaxation techniques for the face and jaw muscles. We can also refer you to another specialist within our network if a more extensive interdisciplinary diagnosis and therapy is necessary (e. g. bite elevation, MRT, consultation with orthopaedists, neurologists or osteopaths).

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