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Dentist Anne Bandel

Anne Bandel was not only born here in Berlin, but also studied at the local Zahnklinik Nord. After graduating in 1994, she worked there for five years training students. Since that formative period in the department for tooth preservation under Professor Roulet, she dedicated her work to tooth preservation with the main focus on minimally invasive high-quality surgery.

After studying graphic design in Boston, Mass. (USA), various semesters of art history in Berlin and having had a tooth gap on her own, Anne Bandel found her true calling: the non-invasive anterior tooth aesthetics with composite materials.

This proven technology can replace or complement an orthodontic treatment without having to grind the teeth. Anne Bandel not only constantly publishes professional articles on this subject, but for 12 years now provides training for dentists (e. g. at the Philip Pfaff Institute in Berlin).

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