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DH Sabine Schwierzke

Sabine Schwierzke was born in Berlin. She first completed her training as a dental assistant and dental technician at EBERSTEIN & EBERSTEIN, followed by her training as a prophylaxis assistant at the Zahnklinik Nord / Philip Pfaff Institute in Berlin and finally a further training as dental hygienist at the Eurpäische Akademie Nürnberg/München. She also received professional training in neurobiological systematology at the SYSTEMICS ACADEMY BERLIN.

Sabine Schwierzke is co-founder of the training institute KNOWDENS in Ingolstadt as well as speaker and consultant for dental instruments of the Swiss company DEPPELER.

As a dental hygienist, Sabine Schwierzke works in close collaboration with Dr. Brouwer and Dr. Lehmensiek in the treatment of periodontopathies and especially the therapy of periodontitis.  

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