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Philips ZOOM! bleaching in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten

A beautiful smile is usually the first thing that strikes us positively when meeting another person – and if you have confidence in your smile you will easily radiate this positivity.

Nowadays, thanks to modern technology it is effortless to whiten your teeth safely, fast, and with a long-lasting effect. Philips ZOOM! has developed a careful technique for professional tooth whitening that not only delivers perfect results in a short time but also proves to be safe for your teeth.

The tooth whitening in our dental practice is exclusively carried out by dental professionals. This allows for the usage of a higher concentrated gel as compared to those you can find in whitening sets for domestic use. Therefore, this leads to a more intensive result in only 60 to 90 minutes. The products of Philips ZOOM! are manufactured according to the highest quality standard and have been clinically validated.

With the Philips ZOOM! bleaching, the effect of the whitening agents is enhanced by a specially designed lamp with blue LED light. Thanks to this Philips ZOOM! lamp, discolouration can be removed more intensively despite the considerably shorter duration application. The specially developed blue LED light optimally supports the whitening agents in the “discolouration” of the coloured molecules. So at the end of the treatment your most beautiful smile will appear.

Thanks to the special wavelengths of the ZOOM! LED light, the coloured molecules become more active and can react quicker with the ZOOM! gel. Clinical studies have proven the efficiency of Philips ZOOM! as well as the long-lasting effect of this method. Even after 30 days, the teeth are 42% brighter compared to a bleaching without the lamp. A thorough dental care can make the effect last up to one to three years.

The price for a Philips ZOOM! bleaching is 399 EUR. The treatment is usually not covered by your health insurance.

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