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Professional dental cleaning in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten

A professional dental cleaning in our dental practice in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten removes hard and soft plaque from your teeth. Apart from all the visible bacterial pellicles, it also removes all the invisible plaque and unsightly spots that are the result of coffee and tobacco consumption. After the professional dental cleaning your teeth will appear significantly whiter.

A professional dental cleaning benefits both your health and overall aesthetics. The risk for common diseases like caries and periodontitis is considerably reduced. In combination with the regular prophylaxis by your dentist and your personal dental care at home, extensive subsequent treatments that include grinding off tooth substance can be largely avoided.

Professional dental cleaning

  • removal of bacterial plaque
  • cleaning of the interdental spaces
  • polishing of the tooth surface
  • sealants adapted to your needs
  • advice on optimal dental care and oral hygiene

The intervals for a professional dental cleaning depend on your individual risk for caries and periodontitis. Usually, it is sufficient to have a professional dental cleaning once or twice a year.

Our dental practice for professional dental cleaning in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten

Bacterial plaque is the main reason for diseases of the teeth and the periodontium. Common toothbrushes can hardly reach the interdental spaces. So even if you clean your teeth thoroughly at home, you will not be able to remove all harmful plaque.

We are a modern dental practice and can help you to avoid tooth damages, tooth ache and extensive treatments with preventive measures like a professional dental cleaning. A sealant will additionally strengthen your teeth to make it even more difficult for the harmful bacteria to infiltrate your enamel and gums.

Consultation and appointments

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