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Minimally invasive fillings in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten

When it comes to dental fillings, as little enamel as possible should be ground off. Modern malleable composites are a particularly good option for sealing little holes in the teeth as they can enter in smallest spaces and only harden under UV light. After the hardening process, they form an inseparable unit with the enamel.

Another advantage of minimally invasive fillings is their natural colour. Thus, they blend in perfectly with the other teeth. The composites consist of synthetics and ceramic particles. With our expertise in minimally invasive restorative treatment, we guarantee a careful treatment that ensures an optimal closure between filling material and enamel. Larger defects can be sealed with custom-fit tooth-coloured ceramic manufactured in our laboratory.

Minimally invasive fillings: an overview

  • preservation of as much natural tooth substance as possible
  • careful and modern treatment methods
  • plastic synthetic composites for smaller defects
  • ceramic inlays for larger defects
  • perfect closure between enamel and filling material
  • high aesthetics due to tooth-coloured materials

Thanks to the adhesive bond of tooth fillings with the natural tooth substance, there is only little risk of a contamination with harmful bacteria. With our expertise and modern equipment, we are your dentist practice in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten to provide you with high-quality and aesthetic minimally invasive restorative treatment.

Whether it is about hardening synthetic composites or custom-fit ceramic inlays: We want you to be completely happy with the look of your restored teeth and make sure that the fillings fulfill their function as long as possible. We would be pleased to advise you on all the possibilities and costs when it comes to minimal invasive fillings.

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