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Periodontitis in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten

The teeth are embedded in the periodontium. Periodontology is the specialty of dentistry that studies diseases of the periodontium and possible therapies. Periodontitis is the most common disease that affects the periodontium and is therefore the main reason for tooth loss. It is an inflammation that spreads from the dental plaque to the gums and can also affect the jawbone.

Periodontitis is a disease that gradually develops over a long period of time and rarely causes pain. Therefore, it can be easily overlooked if you do not keep up with your regular dentist check-ups. With our expertise, we provide reliable screening and careful therapy methods.

Periodontology: an overview

  • deals with the periodontium
  • main task for the dentist: early diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis
  • periodontitis is one of the main reasons for tooth loss
  • progressive, mostly painless course of disease
  • pay attention to your gums

A healthy periodontium supports the teeth during the process of chewing and maintains them in the maxillary and mandibular bones. With an advanced periodontitis, teeth become loose and eventually fall out. We are specialized in the field of periodontology and offer careful treatments.

Periodontitis: early diagnosis and efficient therapies

Serious indications of periodontitis are gum bleeding, swollen gums, receding gums and bad breath. With an advanced periodontitis, bacteria can multiply quickly in gum pockets developing at the edges of the tooth. Our efficient periodontitis therapy cleans out these gum pockets with up-to-date technology.

Basically, we recommend that our patients keep their regular prophylaxis appointments in order to fight common tooth diseases. With uncomplicated treatments – that can be scheduled according to your needs – we can significantly reduce your risk of diseases of the tooth and the periodontium.

Consultation and appointments

We would be happy to provide personal consultation if you have any questions concerning periodontitis. Just get in touch, make an appointment and visit us in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten:

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