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Root canal treatment in Berlin Schönefeld/Tiergarten

Inflamed and dead pulp must be removed from the root canals if you want to preserve the tooth. In most cases it is better to preserve the tooth instead of extracting it as missing teeth affect the overall stability of the dentition and can cause degeneration of the bone substance. Additionally, tooth gaps are an optical flaw. After a successful root canal treatment, the tooth can continue to perform its function.

Inflammations in the inner areas of teeth are often caused by advanced caries, which has spread from the surface across the enamel. This can result in severe pain as soon as the swollen soft tissue in the inner area hits the dental nerves. In such a case, do not hesitate to contact us immediately: Our experienced team in Berlin Schönefeld/Tiergarten offers you a careful and efficient root canal treatment to relieve the pain.

Process of a root canal treatment

  • access via dental crown
  • removal of the inflamed soft tissue
  • removal of all harmful bacteria
  • sealing of the root canals with resistant filling
  • restoration of the dental crown

It is important to carry out the root canal treatment very carefully to ensure that all inflamed tissue parts and harmful bacteria are completely removed. As the shape of the root canals is very individual and varies a lot, sometimes bacteria tend to be overlooked. We have the most up-to-date treatment methods in our practice for endodontology to guarantee high efficiency and comfort for our patients.

For preparation of the root canals we use both manual and mechanical instruments that keep up with the latest developments in research and science. We want this extensive procedure to be as smooth as possible for our patients. After thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the root canals, we use a natural rubber-like material for the fill up. We also offer natural-looking and beautiful solutions for the restoration of the dental crown that blend in harmonically with the overall appearance.

Consultation and appointments

We would be happy to provide personal consultation if you have any questions concerning endodontology and root canal treatments. Just get in touch, make an appointment and visit us in Berlin Schöneberg/Tiergarten:

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